Welcome to the State of Illinois Rapid Electronic Notification System (SIREN)

SIREN is a secure web-based persistent messaging and alerting system that leverages email, phone, text, pagers and other messaging formats to provide 24/7/365 notification, alerting, and flow of critical information. This system provides rapid communication, alerting and confirmation between state and local agencies, public and private partners, target disciplines and authorized individuals in support of state and local emergency preparedness and response.

SIREN originally implemented as the core alerting service for the Department of Public Health’s Health Alert Network, has been broadened in scope and utility making it a robust tool for all state agencies and partners with alerting, notification and collaboration needs, and is available to all agencies and partners via Statewide Master Contract.

SIREN is used for targeted alerting based on members professional roles or functions. It is not intended for use as a public warning system at this time. During your registration you will need to enter contact information and select your specific organization and function. For assistance please contact us.  For IDPH, all public health partners and other members,DPH.SIREN@illinois.gov; and for IEMA and emergency management partners, EMA.SIREN@illinois.gov,and provide a detailed message including information about where you work and your role or title.